Quality Policy

The goal of Eskja hf. is to be a leader in its field by always satisfying their customers’ expectations. To ensure these expectations, the objective is focused on the best possible quality of raw materials and products to the consumer. Eskja emphasize to operate in conjunction with the laws and regulations in every respect.

The company utilizes the best production techniques available at any time. Analysis is based on high standards that ensure the objective in quality control at any given time. Traceability from the consumer to the fishing grounds is insured. The policy of Eskja hf. is that all employees receive the training and education they need to enable them to perform their work satisfied and will be able to demonstrate proficiency so that the expectations of customers and staff will always be aligned.

Environmental policy

It is the policy of Eskja hf that all aspects of the company’s operations are in the best harmony with their surroundings. The company interacts with resources and the environment responsibly and in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. The aim is to maximize utilization of raw materials and energy. The company strives to use materials, consumables and packaging that are environmentally friendly. Waste and emissions from ships and departments is minimized and waste disposal is conducted at all times in a manner that does not cause damage to the environment.

All employees are conscious of the environmental policy and everyone gets the opportunity to participate in developing the policy in order to benefit all parties.