Fishmeal and fish oil commenced production in 1952 with the operation of a small bone meal factory. Once fishing herring reach it´s height of east of Iceland from 1960. The old factory has become too small and in 1966 a new powerful factory was built. Since then has undergone extensive renovation in 1994 and in 2000 with the installation of new cooking equipment. In 2013, we completed the electrification of the plant as well as built scrubbers, chimneys and new building for staff and offices.

Output of 1,100 tons of raw material per day and storage up to 20,000 tons of fishmeal and fish oil in the facilities at the same time. Employees are generally 20 and working in shifts around the clock.

The factory has state of the art equipment available for the production of fishmeal and fish oil production. It is capable of air-drying at low temperatures and producing high quality fishmeal, which is used for production of aquaculture feed. Therefore this equipment produces no pollution that often hinges on this kind of process.

Quality standards in production are high and Eskja operates its own laboratory as well as the use of HACCP quality system. Which ensures that products of fish and fish oil production is always up to the quality standards that our customers depend on. In early 2004 the factory was first factory in Iceland to get FEMA certification. The factory is also IFFO RS and HC certified.

Head of fishmeal and fish oil production is Haukur Jónsson Phone: 470 6040/894 1182 gsm /