A new employee policy, denoted H.A.F. has been introduced for the first time and stands for the words integrity, dynamism and skills. These three factors are important to every man and promote the development and structure of the individual. Comprise these words for a new paradigm personnel and lay the foundation for the way our company culture. Integrity employees are one of the cornerstones of any company – where empathy and human dignity are at the center. Honesty is one of the fundamental integrity and honesty leads to trust and reliability that the company builds its reputation on. Dynamism is the primary power required in national staff converted to willingness to do good work and innovative thinking. It is also a willingness to continue when the tough gets going and the ability to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity.

Skills are based on utilizing the features and strengths to the fullest, with a constantly changing environment and increase our knowledge and the ability to challenge society. Modern environment is highly dynamic and changes are occurring on daily basis. It is important for the Eskja employees to have a chance to improve their skills in order to grow and develop along the way.

It is appropriate that these three words acronyms HAF (OCEAN). The ocean is a source of opportunities and the driving force behind our business. Resources are of sensitivity and need to be balanced in order to achieve sustainability. Likewise, we need to keep the balance between own resources – job vitality, health and psychological wellbeing.

Eskja strives to create good working conditions for their employees and the cornerstone for these conditions is the human resources policy. It also describes the expectations and demands of staff and managers have for each other. Recommendations and ideas for updates of the strategy will be appreciated it is important that the policy is not stale, but changing with new priorities.


In Eskja´s guide, HAF, integrity-dynamism-skills involves:


  • Respect all their employees, their attitudes and opinions
  • Seek honesty in their work in all respects
  • Enable its staff in a positive and constructive manner
  • Enable employees to take part in the activities of the company
  • Inform employees about their roles and responsibilities
  • Realizing the employees besides their knowledge and competence


  • The value of his colleagues and company procedures
  • Seek honesty in their work in all respects
  • Enable their capability in a positive and constructive manner
  • Show responsibilities and ambitions
  • Be prepared for change, and participate in them
  • Maintain and increase their knowledge


The CEO is responsible for the personnel of Eskja. Officers handle all general personnel, the heads of departments supervise them, each within its scope, and employees may also seek their attention.

Managers of Eskja should acquire good and modern governance, which include among other things, the effective flow of information, decentralization and accountability, effective communication and positive attitude to employees for jobs well done. Directors shall always endeavor to consult with their employees about workplace issues and promote a wide consensus on the changes proposed in each case.

Managers are responsible for the work of their employees. Managers must work towards the objectives set, but they also have to enable employees to improve and prosper. Employees shall endeavor to adapt to changing requirements, such as technical and professional development, or restructuring, and be willing to accept training in order adapt to changes and new projects. It is the shared responsibility of employees and management to maintain and improve the knowledge required for the operation. It is preferable that employees take care of their own health and a healthy lifestyle to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.


Recruitment shall be based on the experience, skills and education. The existing equality company policy should always be followed when hiring people.

Eskja wants to crate the possibility of a continuous career for staff and strive to offer availabe vacancy position to existing staff, which has shown interest in a transfer within the company. Otherwise, the vacancy is advertised in the traditional way.

Eskja seeks to prepare employees when transferred within the company in order to serve the overall interest of the company. Employees are therefore encouraged to take the initiative, increase their ability to deal with new challenges and take advantage of opportunities for career development within the company.


The new personnel policy seeks to welcome new employees in an organized way. On the first day the employees get information about the company and guide with general information.

The objective is to introduce new employees in order for them to get familiar with their job scope and a clear picture of the company activities. It is also emphasized that the new employee meets his colleagues and know their rights and obligations.


Eskja aims to have a job description for all jobs, whether they are temporary or indefinite. The administrator, Head of and / or production manager make Job descriptions. Job descriptions must be available for the Council’s work and revised when changes occur in personnel. Job description establishes the responsibilities and main projects.


Eskja seeks to inform employee’s information of all times on its activities. This information is provided on a regular staff meeting, the company newsletter and on the website www.eskja.is


Eskja emphasizes on the continuing education of its employees. The Education Centre gives the opportunity to further education in order to increase the knowledge and skills useful for work and play. The aim of lifelong learning is the employee will be better suited to their jobs and to cope with new challenges. Thus, an employee can become a more active participant in the development processes and seek ways to increase efficiency. It is an equal responsibility of staff and management to maintain and improve professional knowledge and other expertise required for the job.


Eskja emphasizes occupational health and safety. Employees are required to adhere to the law on occupational safety and health in the workplace, as well as the rules of the company. It is equally the responsibility of the management and employees to comply with the requirements of safety and care at work.


Eskja focuses on punctuality and attendance at the agreed working hours. Managers must monitor attendance of their employees and act when necessary. Absence at working hours and disappearance from work without authorization before regular working day is over is prohibited.


Eskja follows labor, contract conditions and provisions of the collective agreements of the trade unions.


Eskja policy in gender equality is that competence should determine the choice of vacancies and full equality between the sexes. Efforts will be made to balance proportion of women and men in various positions within the company. Equal wages and providing equal treatment for equal value and comparable work. Women and men should have equal access to vocational education and training. Gender-based discrimination is prohibited in any form in which it appears, as well as sexual harassment or bullying.


Eskja strives to create best conditions for its employees to coordinate the demands of job and family as possible. With pre-defined working hours, job flexibility should contribute to increased quality of life for employees. It is the company pleasure to announce purchase of a holiday home in order to increase the variety of vacation trips. Workers with more than three years of continuous work experience can apply for the use of the cottage of vacation time.